Want to show that you are the leading company in your area, through the employee care?

  • Be ahead of the competition, stand out in the crowd
  • Employee health directly affects business success and makes savings in sick leave costs
  • Do not wait for this to become a trend, be a conscious leader

Business Training for Health

Employees are the most valuable resource and their health is a topic in which all conscious companies are investing more and more. Iva Belé Success Concept has created transformative training that raises employee awareness of:

  • • The importance of exercise
  • • Healthy diet
  • • Mental health

The training is delivered by certified experts from different areas. The training uses concrete examples to show what habits, exercises and attitudes can help us lead a healthy lifestyle. This way, we influence not only the health of employees but also the health of their families.

Trainings are conducted:

  • • On the premises of the company or at a location the company chooses.
  • • At a regular appointment, at least 1x per month throughout the year.

Employees are the most valuable asset of each company. Teach them healthy habits and you will be surprised by the positive impact on the communion and results.

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