Unique conferences and events for companies are possible.

  • Are you fed up with typical conferences where the audience keeps checking their phones?
  • Do you want an engaged audience and speakers who will motivate them?
  • Do you want your company to be remembered for a special event or conference?

Be a different company

Do you want to hold a conference or you want to hold a conference or event that will make you recognisable?

Iva Belé Success Concept organises completely new conferences and events. We introduce topics that are completely new to the market and invite speakers from different areas around that topic.

Conferences can be intended for your employees or clients. We can present your products or services in an innovative way, integrating them into a holistic story and experience.

Our focus is on topics from the field of self-management and health.

See a different event

The Iva Belé Success Concept is the initiator and co-organiser of the first Sensa conference “Power of Self-Motivation”, held on May 11, 2018, in Zagreb.

She hosted 10 lecturers from business, neuroscience, sports, kinesiology and life coaching.

Over 110 participants enjoyed the whole-day event, and rated the conference with a 5.0 rating. Read more here: the power of self-motivation.

Good speakers know how to engage audiences, and their words are not only remembered, but also written down.

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