Kako početi?

Success Begins with Managing Yourself

To be truly productive, successful and happy, it is important to develop the self-management art (self-management). Only when we know how to manage our time, priorities, goals and activities we can know what to expect from others. Outstanding leaders are those who, by their example, show these extraordinarily important skills.

Most of the people who surround us live unconsciously. What does this mean?

It means that most of the time they respond to the events that they encounter rather than planning the events they desire. The challenge in such a situation is that you are constantly stressed out since you don’t know where the danger is coming from. You are in a position of constant defence from circumstances you do not control at all.

You’ll certainly notice the people who successfully manage themselves in society. They are moderate and modest. They are difficult to upset and they act based their own logic. They are kind to everyone and are fond of themselves. They cannot be persuaded to do something they don’t want to do. They are not demanding and they ensure that their needs are met by themselves. They show an honest interest in the people they are talking to since they know they can always learn a lot.

What can we do to manage ourselves more?

Look at What’s Happening and Make Conclusions

People who successfully manage themselves follow their thoughts, reactions and actions. They think about why a certain situation has disturbed them. They analyse their effectiveness and in brief – they are aware of themselves. They are looking for the cause of a feeling that’s causing them distress. They follow their thoughts and if they do not like them, they will replace them with those that serve them better.

Use Empowering Tools

In order to encourage themselves, people who successfully manage themselves consider the problems as a learning opportunity and do not give up easily. They focus on their strengths, looking at the goal, not on the obstacles. “I must” is replaced with “I want”. They do not have to complete a master’s degree or lose weight – they know that they want it and that approach brings numerous results. They are gentle towards themselves and relate to themselves as their best friend and coach. They do not bother with what they cannot change and use their time only for what they can influence. They know themselves well and encourage themselves with statements (“I can do it”, “I know I will succeed” etc).

Manage Your Time

This is one of the most important topics. People who are good managers of themselves treat their time as the most valuable resource, even more valuable than money. They do not allow information to come without them wanting them – e.g. aimlessly watching TV or web surfing. They know their purpose, set their goals and plan their activities. They spend most of their time thinking about strategic issues and reading. They give promises they can fulfill and they deliver.

Keep Track of the Progress

To plan your activities and thus manage yourself, make daily, weekly, and monthly plans. At the training I hold, most of the attendees have business plans, most often set by the company they work for. Do you also plan goals in other areas? Travel? Learning? Building relationships and fun? If not, it is time to start. When you want to change a habit, tracking progress, recording of achievement and the support messages that you can give yourself will give you an extra wind at your sail. If we manage to fight self-criticism, we will establish a good relationship with ourselves and start enjoying the moments we spend alone.

Constantly Develop

There is always an opportunity to learn something new. The more we know, the easier we manage ourselves. Attend workshops and trainings from different areas. Surround yourself with supportive and interesting people. Eliminate people who are dragging you down or are jealous. Include new people in your life and initiate socialising. Travel and meet new cultures. Take a diary and record your thoughts and progress. Listen and nurture your intuition, as it will do more and more for you the more you use it. Challenge yourself, master the things you thought you would never be able to (sing better, cook, draw, speak a foreign language etc).

Nurture Your Body and Mind

Make your daily routine adapted to healthy habits. Sleep regularly and sufficiently. Go to bed at the same time. Your body likes a healthy routine. Feed consciously and healthy. People who are in good control of themselves know the needs of their body and care about it as the most perfect machine. They eat high-quality foods and do not allow the body to suffer (lack of water or food). Exercise, walking, movement, sports are all part of a daily routine of those who lead their lives successfully.

Do you think it’s hard? Not at all. I personally consider discipline to bring freedom.

The Iva Belé Success Concept encourages individuals and companies to activate their purpose, goals and inner strengths through training, mentoring and motivational speeches.

The concept combines methodology and managerial experience, enabling participants to achieve instant results and quick implementation. For more information, contact us.