Kako motivirati zaposlenike

7 Ways to Motivate Employees

A well-done job is often a reflection of the employee’s satisfaction with the how they and their work is treated. Happiness and self-fulfillment and personal performance will make every person feel better and more motivated in their work. We present you seven ways to motivate employees.

1. Incentives

From childhood to adulthood, every person likes to be rewarded. By doing so, a person will do their best to get a certain reward. We are especially motivated when we know that we deserve a certain incentive and eventually get it. Whether it’s a cash prize, a concert ticket, a dinner, or a team building trip, employees will appreciate the employer’s gesture, which in turn demonstrates that their employees’ efforts did not go unnoticed.

2. Setting goals

Understanding the goals of a job encourages people to do their maximum, achieving personal progress through the realisation of these goals. When they are realised, employees’ confidence increases and growth is visible in their motivation for further work and future, even greater, personal accomplishment.

3. Good atmosphere in the workplace

It is natural for every person to improve effectiveness if the atmosphere in which they work is satisfactory. A good working environment, good humour and understanding between employees and employers are a combination to achieve a positive atmosphere in the workplace, all of which leading to a greater motivation and desire of employees to do their jobs even better.

4. Respect, openness and politeness

How we deal with someone is the way that person will treat us back. With an open relationship, we will achieve better communication with the employee, giving them the insight into what exactly we expect. Sometimes people need additional explanation, and calm access and politeness will result in the employee’s willingness to comply with the wishes of their employer.

5. Accepting other people’s ideas

Although the employer is the one who determines the tasks and the goals of the job, it is good that the employees sometimes have the opportunity to present their ideas and visions of a particular job. It would make a positive impact on work, as it might be done better, as well as on the employees who would show their own potential and progress in every aspect. Their attitude towards work would certainly be more devoted, more prominent, and they would be more willing to work.

6. Equality ratio

Despite the authority that an employer has to keep towards their employees, this does not imply they are better or more deserving than the employees. Their education may be on a higher level, and their work experience longer, but in essence, they are a human being just like their employees. Employee and employer do not have to be friends, but mutual respect and understanding should exist. This also leads to the points already mentioned, achieving a good working atmosphere.

7. Kind word

Sometimes just a kind word is more than enough to make an individual happy about themselves and their work. Little things are often what we need most, and they are the ones that reach us. A token of appreciation that makes us aware we are being valued, is a little thing that makes a huge difference among happy and fulfilled employees, versus those who were not that fortunate.

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