We do not have to comment on the situation in the whole world. Too often people make problems to each other. The real problems come suddenly, you have no influence on them and you never could predict them.

Should we be positive in these moments? Not only that we should. We MUST be positive. It is our collective duty. Disasters like these come to us to turn us to the right values and teach us to behave better to each other. When you are wearing a mask, leaving your shoes in front of the door and staying 3 meters away from others, I believe that it doesn’t matter if your bag is from the latest fashion collection. True values in these times become fashionable again. We finally turn to each other and only PEOPLE and the planet become important to us.

The only effective question in these moments that I ask myself but I share with you also is to ask yourself – HOW CAN I BE MOST USEFUL IN THIS MOMENT?

If you can be helpful by: sharing your knowledge, staying home if you are sick, helping seniors get food, writing a book, teaching a child math, calling people who live alone, spreading hope and positives, entertaining the family, washing the floors, cooking lunch … Whatever your answer to the question “how can they be most useful at the moment” is – it is enough to do just that.

Why did I write this shortest blog so far? Because it was the answer to my question, HOW CAN I BE MOST USEFUL in this moment. Grateful.

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